810 Car Phone - Overview of the car phone and equipment

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Overview of the car phone and equipment

Your car phone is made up of several components, which are
described below:

Car phone equipment

1. Radio unit TFE-4R

The radio unit is a (E)GSM 900/1800 car telephone with
Bluetooth wireless technology that allows you to connect a
compatible external GSM antenna and compatible external
devices wireless by Bluetooth technology or using an RS232
adapter cable.

2. Display XDW-1R

The separate display comes with generously sized, easy-to-
read fonts, convenient user-customisable display
positioning and automatic backlighting that is configurable
for day- or nighttime use.

3. Handset HSU-4

The handset comprises a set of function elements (keys and


wheel), alphanumeric keypad, microphone, and

The handset is specially designed so that accessing key
telephone functions is made simpler for the user, allowing
intuitive operation.

4. Loudspeaker SP-2

A separate loudspeaker is provided for top-quality audio
transmission of the acoustic signals from your car phone
and voice transmission when calls are made. Should you
wish to use the loudspeakers belonging to your car radio
instead, please ask the service technician who is to install
your car phone for professional assistance as the car phone
may not be compatible with your system.

5. Microphone MP-2

The handsfree microphone supplied in the sales package has
been tailormade for the vehicular environment. State-of-
the-art technologies geared for effective echo and noise
suppression in automotive systems enable quality results
even in poor conditions. Selecting a suitable mounting
location may also enhance the performance of the device.
See “Installation” on page 56.

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Overview of the car phone and equipment


6. System cables PCU-4

A set of cables is included for connection to the power
supply and the ignition system and to mute the radio.

7. GSM antenna (not included in the sales package)

Connecting the radio unit to a compatible external GSM
antenna will allow optimum wireless performance of the car

8. RS232 cable AD-3

An RS232 adapter cable provides a convenient way to
connect your car phone to the serial port of a compatible
laptop computer.

Car phone equipment and cable connections