810 Car Phone - Display indicators

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Display indicators

The indicators described below may be shown on the display.

Shows the signal strength of the cellular network at the
current location. The higher the bar, the stronger the

Indicates an ongoing call.

You have received one or more text messages.
Indicates unread text messages.

The call diverting feature is on (network service).
See “Call divert (network service)” on page 35.

The home zone service is active (network service).

You may enter numbers.

Turn the Navi wheel to the left.

You may speak now.

Turn the Navi wheel to the right.

You may enter letters.

Shows that roaming is active.

The network has deactivated the encryption function.

The ringing tone is switched off.

Bluetooth wireless technology is activated, see
“Bluetooth wireless technology” on page 47.

User profile 1 is in use.
See “Download contacts” on page 51.

User profile 2 is in use.
See “Download contacts” on page 51.

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Display indicators