810 Car Phone - Switching on the phone

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Switching on the phone

To switch on your car phone, simply turn the ignition key. Your
car phone is connected to the ignition system, so that turning
the ignition on automatically switches your car phone on.

If the message

SIM rejected

is shown on the display although

checking the SIM card has shown that the SIM is properly
inserted, please contact your network operator or service
provider for assistance.

If you are requested to enter your PIN code, enter the PIN code
(displayed as ****). Press

to confirm the PIN.

For further information, see “Change PIN code” on page 40.

After you have entered the correct PIN, the car phone
automatically activates the user data profile that was in use the
last time the phone was switched on. If no entries have been
made in the car phone memory for this particular user profile,
the car phone asks you if you want to copy the contact entries
from the SIM card memory to the car phone memory for this
user profile.


The car phone entries represent those in the internal car
phone memory and not those on the SIM card in use.