810 Car Phone - Bluetooth wireless technology

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Bluetooth wireless technology

Bluetooth wireless technology is an
international standard for wireless
short-range communication, allowing
you to establish a wireless connection

between your car phone and a compatible device supporting
Bluetooth wireless technology. Such devices may include, for
example, mobile phone, a laptop computer, or a wireless

Since devices with Bluetooth technology communicate using
radio waves, your phone and the other device do not need to be
in direct line-of-sight. The two devices only need to be within a
maximum of 10 metres of each other, although the connection
can be subject to interference from obstructions such as the car
body or from other electronic devices.


If you wish to use this function, make sure that both the
car phone and the other device supporting Bluetooth
technology are switched on. There may be restrictions on
using such devices in some countries. Check with your
local authorities.