810 Car Phone - Pairing with devices with Bluetooth technology

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Pairing with devices with Bluetooth technology

To create a connection, you may need to exchange Bluetooth
passcodes with the device you are connecting to for the first
time. This operation is called pairing. The Bluetooth passcode is
a 1- to 16-character-long numeric code. If you are asked to
enter a passcode, you must enter the passcode supplied with
the device.

When establishing a wireless connection to devices such as a
mobile phone using Bluetooth technology, you may be able to
use a temporary passcode created by yourself. This passcode is
used only once and you do not have to memorise it. Enter this
passcode into the two devices sharing a Bluetooth connection.
Then follow the instructions shown on the displays of the two

To start pairing, select a device on the list:


Scroll to the desired device, and press