810 Car Phone - Voice commands

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Voice commands

You have a selection of phone features that can be activated by
saying a voice command. A voice tag may be assigned to as
many as three of the commands on the list. You can activate
the voice command in the same way as making a call using a
name tag. Three options are available:



This option lets you play selected recordings. The last made
recording is played first. Press

while listening to a

recording to skip it and go to the next one.


Download contacts

You can use this feature to copy contact entries from a
compatible mobile phone that supports Bluetooth wireless
technology or from the SIM card installed in the compatible
mobile phone to the car phone memory. If a wireless
Bluetooth SIM access profile connection is established, the
contact entries stored on the compatible mobile phone are
automatically downloaded.


Conn. to Bluetooth headset

This option allows you to establish a wireless link to a
compatible paired headset that supports Bluetooth
technology. If there is no headset paired with the car phone,

Search for audio enhancem.

is displayed. For further

information, see “Search for devices that support Bluetooth
technology” on page 51.

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