810 Car Phone - Microphone MP-2 (Pos.5)

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Microphone MP-2 (Pos.5)


Use only the MP-2 microphone that comes with your car
phone. Use of any other microphone such as any device
which may already be installed in the car may affect the
operation of the phone, for example, due to noise.

Mount the handsfree microphone approx. 30 cm from the user’s
head, and position it so that it points towards the user’s mouth.
Experience has shown that the best locations are near the
rearview mirror or to the left of the sun visor. Check to make
sure the microphone does not impair control or operation of the
vehicle. We recommend that you keep the microphone a
minimum distance of one metre away from the car phone
loudspeaker to avoid feedback.

Take care to mount the microphone so that it is not exposed to
air streams from the vents. Do not lay the microphone cable in
the heating, ventilation or AC system. Use the double-sided
adhesive tape supplied to fix the microphone as this will
prevent noise from the car body being transmitted into the

When you accept an incoming call or when an outgoing call is
connected, the system will automatically mute your car radio
and the call will be switched over to the car phone loudspeaker.